About Me:
I spent a lot of time doing landscape and travel photography with a film camera. It served as a great excuse to travel to beautiful places! As a long time educator, I found that I really enjoyed doing portraiture and sport photography because of the interaction with people. I have done a huge variety of senior portrait sessions and simply love the fun that we have during our sessions. As an animal lover and through my time volunteering with animal rescues, I have begun to do more pet sessions which I absolutely love!! Thanks for checking out Matt Vollum Photography!

My philosophy for charging is that I want to get the pictures that YOU want. I do not charge per hour or per person or per clothing change. I charge to get the pictures that you want. I make sure that I don't overbook myself, which allows me to focus on one client at a time. I truly enjoy my photo sessions and it ends up being fun for all involved. I have a home studio where the options are endless, but really don't use it much for clients because the outdoor sessions are so popular and end up being so great...my poor dog has been photographed so much in the studio that he just whimpers when I throw him on the white seamless background and tell him to sit...as can be seen in the photo!!

Sessions begin at $95